We are specialized in frigo transport and distribution of pharmaceuticals in EU, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Turkey. We offer pharmaceuticals transport at temperatures of minus 25°C to plus 25°C. To ensure the highest quality in the transport of pharmaceutical products we invest in transportation equipment of the highest quality.


CA Transport is GDP certified (Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical products) as per WHO Technical report series, No 957, 2010/Annex 5.


Transport and storage conditions for pharmaceutical products should be in compliance with the labelling, which is based on the results of stability testing. Incorrect temperature storage during transport may have severe consequences on pharmaceutical products. Temperature variations during transport may destroy the active components of these products. Vaccines, biologicals and diagnostics are especially sensitive to external influences A major problem with these temperature-sensitive products is that improper transport conditions can reduce the effectiveness which can go undetected by healthcare staff or patients. The reduction in lifespan or the destruction of the active components is not visible to the patient’s eyes; in rare cases liquid products may flocculate or suppositories may liquefy. The required storage conditions for pharmaceutical products should be maintained within acceptable limits during transportation. The specific storage conditions of the product should thus not be grossly exceeded, or exceeded for an unacceptable period of time during the transport period. We do guarantee that during the transportation process there won’t be a negative effect on the integrity and quality of your pharmaceutical products.


We do monthly calibration for monitoring and control of temperature of our vehicles.


All our vehicles are equipped with the most modern refrigerated and temperature monitoring equipment which guarantees the prevention of exposure to conditions that could affect medicine’s stability. We provide our customers with monitoring records that should be kept for a minimum of the shelf-life of the pharmaceutical product distributed plus one year.


Pharmaceutical products transported include:


  •  Medicines
  •  Vaccines
  •  Bio pharmaceuticals
  •  Sensitive pharmaceutical products
  •  Clinical trials
  •  Blood plasma


We offer:


  •  Temperature controlled transport of pharmaceuticals
  •  Temperature controlled storage of pharmaceuticals
  •  FTL of pharmaceuticals
  •  Groupage transport of pharmaceuticals
  •  Bi – temperature transport
  •  Double Deck transport


Our advantages:


  •  GDP sertification
  •  GDP sertified staff
  •  ATP sertified vehicles
  •  GPS system for monitoring and control of temperature
  •  Spezialized fleet from temperature controlled vehicles
  •  Highest class refrigeration equipment
  •  Monitoring and temperature control equipment


Our main goal is to ensure your pharmaceutical products are transported safely and we are confident in our abilities to deliver a secure and first class service! Pharmaceutical products in particular are extremely sensitive and all given specified temperature ranges are strictly adhered to.


Our team of skilled associates will keep you informed about your shipment through the entire pharmaceutical transportation process.


All our staff is trained in handling pharmaceuticals and temperature controlled delivery procedures.