CA Transport provides its customers refrigerated transport in Bulgaria and the EU. We transport goods requiring refrigerated transport such as fresh food, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, etc., each with its own special characteristics. Our vehicles are equipped with the highest quality refrigeration units and the latest technology for temperature control.  CA Transport is your first choice as regards of refrigerated transport of perishables or temperature sensitive goods.


Storage under temperature control +2°С /+8°С

Storage under temperature control +15°С /+25°С

Storage under temperature control 0°С /+4°С

Storage under temperature control -18°С


Temperature-controlled storage is extremely important for pharmaceutical products such as drugs, vaccines, and blood samples, which must be kept within certain narrow temperature ranges in order to remain usable. Any compromise in the temperature control may have serious consequences for patients’ health, which means that ensuring the temperature control is especially important for the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products. CA Transport invest in ensuring the safety and quality of the cold chain.