CA Transport provide customers with temperature controlled transport in Sofia. Goods requiring refrigerated transport, which can be fresh food, adhesives and pharmaceuticals, each with its own peculiar characteristics. Vehicles are equipped with high quality refrigeration units and the latest technology for temperature control. CA Transport is your firs choice in regards to frigo transport and most appropriate partner for your business when it comes to perishables or temperature sensitive goods.


Goods which have special temperature regime and you can use our refrigirated transport services:


  •  Fresh fruit and vegetables
  •  Fresh and frozen meats, seafood
  •  Dairy products and eggs
  •  Frozen foods
  •  Fresh juices and frozen concentrates
  •  Confectionery
  •  Chemicals and biological products
  •  Live plants and flowers


All of these products are perishable and require temperature control to ensure it will arrive in optimal condition at their final destination.


We offer:


  •  Trucks with negative and positive temperatures
  •  Professional transportation of frozen and chilled goods
  •  Express delivery
  •  Efficiency, speed and accuracy
  •  Minimum commitment on your side
  •  Flexible pricing policy