The TIR Carnet is a customs transit document used to prove the existence of the international guarantee for duties and taxes for the goods transported under the TIR system, within the limit of the amounts specified by the contracting parties and under conditions stipulated in the TIR Convention.


Each TIR Carnet has a unique reference number. A TIR Carnet may have 4, 6, 14, or 20 vouchers, as one pair of vouchers is used per country; the number of vouchers indicates the number of countries that can be transited, including the countries of departure and destination, under cover of this type of Carnet, e.g. a 20-voucher Carnet may be used for a TIR transport through up to 10 countries.


Each individual TIR Carnet can be used for only one TIR transport. Once the TIR transport has been terminated at the Customs office of destination of the goods, the driver is handed back the TIR Carnet duly endorsed by the Customs authorities of destination. Customs authorities must immediately confirm the termination of the TIR transport electronically via SafeTIR. The TIR Carnet is returned to the Association and shipped to the IRU for final control and archiving.