CA Transport provides much more than transport services, we provide our clients with logistics solutions, we meet your special needs for transport and logistics. We focus on transport and logistics of pharmaceutical products under temperature control. CA Transport is GDP certified (Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical products) as per WHO Technical report series, No 957, 2010/Annex 5.


Logistics and transport of pharmaceuticals

  •  Pharmaceuticals groupage transport
  •  FTL pharmaceutical transportation
  •  Express pharmaceutical transportation
  •  Temperature controlled warehousing of pharmaceuticals

Temperature controlled warehousing

  •  Temperature controlled warehousing at +2°С /+8°С
  •  Temperature controlled storage at +15°С /+25°С
  •  Temperature controlled storage at 0°С /+4°С
  •  Temperature controlled storage at -18°С


Groupage transport

  •  Groupage Bulgaria
  •  Groupage EU
  •  Regular groupage lines from/to Poland
  •  Regular groupage lines from/to Germany
  •  Regular groupage lines from/to Netherlands
  •  Regular groupage lines from/to Denmark
  •  Regular groupage lines from/to Greece


  •  Moving from/to Sofia
  •  Moving from/to Bulgaria
  •  Moving from/to EU
  •  Moving from/to Greece
  •  Moving from/to Austria
  •  Moving from/to Germany
  •  Moving from/to Netherlands
  •  Moving from/to Spain


CA Transport offers groupage transport to various destinations in EU. This option allows our customers to reduce costs of transport in the realization of various products to various markets in Bulgaria and the European Union.


International transport

  •  Freight transport from/to EU
  •  Freight transport from/to Greece
  •  Dedicated international transport
  •  International groupage

Regular transport lines

  •  Regular transport lines from/to Poland
  •  Regular transport lines from/to Greece
  •  Regular transport lines from/to Netherlands
  •  Regular transport lines from/to Germany
  •  Regular transport lines from/to Denmark


CA Transport offers regular transport lines at the most developed transport destinations in Bulgaria and Greece. Regular transport lines can be useful to you if you have regular weekly or monthly shipments to the regular CA Transport’s lines, thereby reducing costs for transport and distribution.


Distribution Services

  •  Sofia Courier Services
  •  Bulgaria Courier Services

Transport services

  •  Sofia Transport Services
  •  Bulgaria Transport Service
  •  EU Transport Services


CA Transport offers distribution services in Sofia and Bulgaria. We can organize distribution of various goods, transport of promotional items, corporate gifts, etc. We can prepare an optimal program for transport assignments and organize the most suitable routes, thus we can save you unnecessary costs and time-consuming procedures.


Freight Taxi Sofia

Frigo Service

  •  Sofia Frigo Service
  •  Bulgaria frigo services
  •  EU Frigo Service


We are your reliable partner you can count on receiving the best service in the industry. Our professionalism and experience will contribute to the development of your business. We have new various freight and refrigerated vehicles for providing you with quality services. CA Transport has qualified staff that ensures security, while ensuring fast and adequate transport solutions.